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Pandemic has forced the D2C industry to incur extra costs to implement safety measures for their productsMore 💲💲💲 spent on safety measures (expenses) = Less ProfitTo drive traffic you are spending money every day on adsYou *ONLY get sales for as long as you continue paying FB / Google for ads

Paid ads can be a nightmare❌

60-70% bounce rate is considered ‘AVERAGE’ by ShopifyThat means 60-70% of your ad traffic for which you paid is WASTEDWhich means higher cost of acquisition and that means less profit in your pocket.And, with all the masks and unemployment, the number of potential customers has decreased even more!


✔ Emails - remarketing your brand to existing customers60-70% of the visitors don't convert, so why not make the most out of existing customers?

Why Email Marketing?

1. Because people are more likely to buy from someone they already knowMore than 60% customers return if emails are utilized2. You can grow your business on Easy mode utilizing your Email List

Company Growth Cycle

"More than 60% of customers returned to purchase a product after getting a retargeting email from the company""Email Marketing has an average ROI of $44 for each $1 spent"@ Business Insider

Why Email Bulls Media?

Email Deliverability Specialized

Bad emails in the inbox will make more money than professional emails in the promotions or spam folder

Conversion Focused Email Design

Making them subconsciously "think" they like you.
People don't read, they ...

Conversion Focused Copywriting

Words code reality, and they will not be able to resist because we will invite them to their future

In-Depth Market Research

While many agencies have a copy-paste approach, we use our extensive knowledge base & experience to build something unique to your brand, every time.

What can we do for you?

✔ Direct Response Copywriting

✔ Advanced Email Automation

✔ Advanced Segmentation

✔ Newsletter Strategy

✔ Email Design

✔ High Converting Email Capture

✔ Deep Dive Market Research

✔ Advanced Campaigns

✔ Unlimited Revisions

✔ Weekly Reporting

Case Study

4x Email Revenue in 9 weeks

Run the numbers while we run your money-printing operations.

The Best Part ?

You don't even have to lift a finger.You don't even need to worry about email automation and the whole system, we will take care of it completely & optimize every week.You will get a report every week / bi-weekly / once a month i.e. whenever you want!

Your Best Kept Secret Weapon

Email Bulls Media will not accept to work with your direct competitors to guarantee your success.Your competition won't know who's tipping the scale in your favor.

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There are 2 outcomes after this call, either we end up as partners or you go away with an INSANE amount of value!At the end of the call (even if we don't end up working together) we will give you our 4 step system which helps our clients 4x their Email Revenue for FREE.


4x Email Revenue in 9 weeks

Niche: Home Décor

Before Email Bulls Media:

- 1 Email Flow
- 3x campaigns/week
- Basic Sign Up Form (from template)
No Email Marketing Strategy at all.Drag & drop templates designed and sent on spot.

Where we come in:

Develop an Email Strategy & divide work in 4 phases -> Email Capture> Email Automations> Email Campaigns> Email Optimization

Phase 1 -> Email Capture1. OfferA pop up is a transaction, you give something to get something2. TimingsSplit test every week.3. Color & DesignSquare or Rectangle or Round shapedTested something new, every week.

Phase 2 -> Email AutomationsDeleted old flowsBuilt & uploaded 11 email flows from scratch for all kinds of customer behaviors

Phase 3 -> Email CampaignsFor a custom experience, designs and copywriting was given more attentionWith a very huge list, we sent 3-4 campaigns per weekCopywriting structure:-> What problems market is facing
> How X product can help them
> How it's different from the market
> Why it's the best choice for them
> Brand's promise
After 7 weeks, we started sending daily campaigns.Which resulted in more revenue (of course!)

Phase 4 -> OptimizationEvery 10-15 days we'd test> New subject lines
> New timing
> New Designs
> New CTAs
Every 3 weeks we'd try a new/tweak pop upEvery 10 days we'd optimize flows

After a lot of testing, we hit a jackpot for the pop up conversion.

With campaigns, we tested a lot. Some days it didn't work.

As we started learning more about the customer, it started doing very well.

In 9 weeks, we 4x'd their email revenue.Want similar results for your brand?Schedule a free discovery call with us 👇

Run the numbers while we run your money-printing operations.

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